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Buying valuables online shouldn’t be a matter of trust. Our expertise will help you purchase with the confidence from jewelers, auctions, and other online sellers.

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Once you’ve made an account with us, buy online or in person at any store and then set up an inspection

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Use our inspection office address at checkout, or send our team of experts and specialists your item directly.

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We’ll inspect and ship your item to you within 24 hours with certification and our guarantee that your item is as described.

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We provide fast vetted quality analysis with minimal turnaround time so you get your item with as little delay as possible.

Professional, unbiased reviews

Our professional examiners have years of combined jewelry and luxury item expertise and experience.

Full Assurance

Our expertise will help you purchase with the confidence that we will 

Guaranteed Findings

Independently Checked stands by the knowledge and expertise of our highly trained staff.

Easy to Use

Just sign up and tell your vendor to send the item to our office. We assess your item upon receipt, and send it to you the very same day. If we find any issues, we return the item to the vendor directly.

Additional Benefits

Whether you’re looking to insure the value of your purchase, or if you would like to repair or sell your jewelry, IC is here to help.

The IC Guarantee

Independent experts, trusted results

The ability to independently verify your online purchase is complicated, especially when buying jewelry, small art and collectibles.

Independently Checked’s full guarantee means we stand behind our reviews, meaning you won’t have to worry about the quality and condition of your purchase.

By providing a certificate attesting to the quality, condition, color/clarity, size, count, and weight of the item, we give you the clarity and peace of mind you need to buy with total confidence.

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